OUR BRANDSLittle Sheep Hot Pot

“A Pot of Rich Broth, a Plate of Superb Meat”

The Little Sheep brand has always set out to promote this delicious delicacy from the Mongolian grasslands. Little Sheep was founded eighteen years ago, in No.22, Ulan Road, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China.

It quickly gained a reputation for hot pot without dipping sauce. Breaking the usual habits of broth & separate dipping sauce, Little Sheep ushered in a new trend featuring a rich broth base, a harmony of five flavors and the homology of seven magic spices. Every meal is served with a fresh and palatable broth base, even after being boiled for a long time. This perfect combination of a delicious broth base with mutton from the Inner Mongolian grasslands has changed the pattern of hot pot world.

Little Sheep has always adhered to the priority of choosing “natural”, “healthy” and “rare” selected ingredients. Its unique pairing, a pot of exceptional broth and a plate of superb meat, is what makes and continues the legend of the Little Sheep Hot Pot.

A Plate of Superb Meat


The Xilingo Grassland, which locates in the latitude 45 North, is one natural and superior prairie.


Herdsmen are saying that their sheep of Inner Mongolian Prairie eat and drinks the most healthy.


We select the lamb with 180 days, which could just be taken once a year

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